1997 JEEP V8 dies

I do not know what to do at this point / do you?

new fuel sensors

fuel filter

fuel pump

cleaned out all vaccums to carb

unpredictably this car will just die

easy to start back up but a dangerous thing when in traffic or turning corners. Typically it will die at a stop sign or light. most of the time you can feel the motor kind of load up and then stop. Our mechanic is a good guy and very experienced but cannot figure this one out…has anyone ever dealt with this before?

This does not have a “carb”

Are there any computer codes set? Is the “check engine” light on? It sounds like your mechanic, ‘good guy’ or not is just throwing parts and your money at the problem hoping to get lucky. There’s about 20 things to check that you don’t indicate whether they’ve been checked. Some of them are:

-fuel pressure and volume
-Idle air control (or motor)
-Ignition coil(s)
-Computer trouble codes!

The next time you feel the engine is going to stall at a stop, with your left foot firmly on the brake pedal slightly step on the accelerator just a lttle. If this prevents the engine from stalling, there’s a problem with the Idle Air Control circuit. This could be from a dirty Idle Air Control valve/idle air port on the throttle body, or a defective Idle Air Control valve.


When you take your foot off the gas, even when the vehicle is moving, the throttle goes to the idle position. Crud build up on the MAF Sensor, and in the air passages, can limit air flow at idle too much.
Have your good mechanic use Throttle Body Spray Cleaner to clean the idle air control valve air passages and the throttle body bore and plate. These actions can improve the MAF Sensor accuracy and improve needed air flow into the cylinders (to mix with the fuel).

Does this vehicle have a MAF? I think they used MAP sensors.

I had a 92 Jeep Cherokee do the same thing. It was an ignition coil.

Would give you very little warning, then a serious loss in power followed very shortly by stalling. Sometimes it would start right back up. I was unable to figure it out until it died completely and had no fire.

Intermittent problems are very difficult to diagnose. Add to that the fact that on-board computer diagnostics have blunted the skills of mechanics and turned them into computer-directed parts changers and you find yourself in a real pickle.