1997 Honda CR-V - Fan question

I have a 97 Honda CRV that was resurrected from a junk yard. The problem is that after fixing both cooling fans i discovered they both only work when the AC compressor is turned on. This would be a good temp fix. But im worried my compressor is going out already and it clicks on and off constantly not continuously running both fans. Not cooling engine consistantly. I can handle not using my ac if it goes out. But i need to undo the previous owners handy work and get my engine fan running with the thermostat as intended . Any ideas where to start to find the problem

If it is not overheating, no problem.

How could anyone here possibly know what the previous owner did to your salvage title car’s wiring?

I’d find the fan relay and wire a switch to the switched ground or switched power lead to the relay inside the car. Flip it on wherever the car gets too hot. Problem solved on the cheap.

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