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1997 Ford F-150 odometer repair

Hi…my 97 Ford F-150 odometer has quit working. Speedometer is ok; my repair guys tell me the part(s) are obsolute. Somewhere out there has got to be a shop that can repair this. What is the contact info for them. Thanks in Advance.

Translation: Nobody wants to mess with stuff like this. (for good reason). You need a new speedometer head, the entire unit, and a good dealership parts man will find you one…They are not cheap and they are a !itch to install. Google “used ford parts” and and you should be able to locate a salvage instrument cluster…Take that to your repair guys…

There are lots of sources for the gears or places to repair your odometer. How close are you to a cross between a mechanic and a jeweler?

Try this:

Broaden your repair guys horizons! Let them use your truck to develop a whole new skillset!

Your “repair guys” never heard of a junk yard? Or a speedometer repair shop?