1997 Dodge Ram

I have a 1997 dodge ram that my husband just got. The car runs perfect and oddly gets good gas miledge for the age and size of the beast. My problem is that I can not fill the gas tank. The pump keeps stopping unless I go really slow.

The problem might be with the gas filler tube assembly.

The gas filler tube assembly consists of a smaller plastic inside tube surrounded by a larger outside tube or hose. The smaller inside tube is attached to where you insert the gas nozzle. When you insert the gas nozzle to fill the tank, the gas runs down the inside tube as the air escapes out through the outside tube. If the inside tube breaks off from where you insert the gas nozzle, you are now trying to fill the tank using the outside tube. This then doesn’t allow the air to escape from the tank as you attempt to fill it, and the nozzle continues to turn off from the backpressure being produced because the air in the tank can’t escape.