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Gasoline burping out of tank while filling up

I recently bought a Mad Max Interceptor, Australian 1974 Ford Falcon XB. The previous owner told me how the tank burps gas out of the filler tube and goes all over the fender. Why is this? I thought gas pumps had some kind of sensor that stopped fill up BEFORE that happened. I have owned 4 cars, 1985 Honda Prelude, 1994 Mazda MX-6 LS, 2005 Audi A$ 1.8T and 2004 Audi S4. I have always stopped the fillup once the pump clicked off and never had a spill on these cars. Is it possible he just kept trying to fill up more after the pump clicked off or is there more to it. Thanks all.



The biggest reason this happens is that the flexible rubber hose that connects the filler to the gas tank is pinched or kinked in some manner.

I ran into one a while back that had the circular hole INSIDE the filler neck, the narrow one that the hose nozzle just fits into, pushed down into the filler neck after thousands of repeated uses. Do they use those in Australia?

Got it, pinched or kinked. Is there a quick fix or would I have to replace the hose, tank or both. Yes this is used in Australia, that is where the previous buyer had it built.