1997 Dodge Ram Van maintenance

I inherited a 97 dodge B2500 conversion van a couple years ago with only 65000 highway miles on it. She’s in beautiful shape never seen snow, no rust or major issues. I’ve been replacing the usual items given her age like hoses, shocks, brake lines bearings and rubber components but have little knowledge regarding automatic transmissions. There’s no issues with the trans at all, and we’ve taken several long distance trips and she performed beautifully, however I’m concerned with the age of the trans and wonder if there is anything that should or could be done to prevent a potential breakdown other than fluid and filter change. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind but I feel the trans could benefit from some TLC. Maybe something as simple as an additive… thanks Jon

Just change the fluid and filter. Use only ATF + 4, the brand doesn’t matter, you can get it as cheap as $4 something at Walmart for their own brand.