2006 Dodge Ram transmission


I have a 2006 Ram 1500 4wheel drive with automatic transmission. My question is whether or not this truck has a “anti-drainback” check valve in the transmission cooling lines like the trucks from the mid 90’s did.

I had a 1997 Ram 1500 and the transmission failed at 75,000 miles, like many of them from those years did. The shop which rebuilt it recommended removing this check valve, which they did by replacing the line.

Since this 06 truck is now at 70,000 miles I am wondering if I need to do the same to prevent premature trans failure. I think this 2006 has a different transmission, but I am not sure. I was told the 1997 had a version of the Torgueflight they used for so many years. The local Dodge dealership service manager denies knowing anything about transmision problems on trucks from the 90’s, but everyone I know who owned one of them had the transmission fail before 100,000 miles.

Thanks for your help.

I should have added that I have had no problems with this transmision, but would like to avoid them! Also I meant Torqueflight.

I hope you will have no problems at all with your Dodge. I t is a “new” transmission, not like the on that I have on my 2000, you may want to go to dodgeforum.com and see what people are talking about it. Good luck.