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1997 Dodge Ram 1500 - Leaks oil

Leaking oil realfast

Then for the sake of the environment have it repaired .

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When does it leak oil real fast . . . ?

At idle?

Or even with the engine shut off?

If it leaks fast at idle only, it could be a leaking engine oil pressure sender or a crankshaft seal, for example

If it leaks oil real fast even with the engine shut off, your engine oil pan . . . assuming it’s stamped steel . . . may have rusted through

Since you give no details , it’s hard to give you concrete advice. However, that vintage Dodge V8 was prove to failure of the intake manifold belly pan gasket, which results in extreme oil usage.

If you can see it visibly leaking oil onto the ground, should be easy for a shop to figure out. Might not be anything overly serious, as long as you stop driving it until this is resolved.