1997 Dodge Ram1500

I replaced the engine last year. Everything has been great until about 6 months ago.

At idle it miss’s/rumbles.

My mechanic is great. We have tried everything to stop this from happening. Including replacement of all fuel injectors,wires, plugs, fuel filter in tank and still it continues. The truck runs fine other than that, and has not lost power or guzzle more gas. The compression is right where it is supposed to be. Can anybody help me?

My mechanic is great.

I beg to differ. Your mechanic seems to be throwing parts at the truck, hoping something will fix the problem. Take a look here:

I am printing this info up right now and I will let you know what happens.
Thank you.

Nothing has changed. Do you have any more suggestions?

The next biggest problem is failure of the belly pan gasket on the intake manifold.

You know what? That has happened to me before…$700.00
But not on this engine. Nevertheless, you may be right.
However, when I experienced that problem, my truck was burning massive amouts of oil… with no tail pipe smoke. That is not happening at all.