1997 Chevy K1500 Ignition problem

Ok I have a question that is also tricky to ask so I had a problem recently that involves my key being in the ON position supposed to see the dash lights come on almost go through it’s own little safety test , well mine doesn’t it’ll start on it’s own without me cranking it and still be In the on position and you can hear the motor trying to crank over with the starter going any advice ?
Plus it use to be where if the key was in the on position and no Dash lights came up ( safety test) you could try cracking it and it would never turn over , but if you kept turning the key on and off eventually the dash lights would starting working including the gauge fuel oil ect , then you could crank it and the motor would run

My wife had a 96 Chevy that did the same thing,

Try tilting your steering wheel to it’s lowest position to see if the problem goes away or becomes less of a problem, your ignition switch may need adjusting.

The rod that goes from the tumbler to the ignition switch got bent on hers from letting the steering slam up when she moved the lever to get in and out of the car.

I’ve tried that but im thinking of just replacing the whole ignition switch

Ok so I’ve just replace the ignition switch and lock cylinder but I can’t seem to find what’s causing the problem , every time I go to start my truck I’ll turn the key to RUN/ON and it’ll try cranking it’s self on it’s own without me even trying to crank it and the starter will stay engaged until I kill it by turning the key to off any help ?

Ignition relay or starter solenoid is probably stuck closed. You can check continuity with battery disconnected to confirm. Solenoid is part of the starter motor assembly on most GM vehicles.


I think this truck is old enough to have a linkage operated starter switch. I see on RockAuto, it does. There should be some adjustment to the linkage. You may have it so short that the CRANK contacts are hitting when you turn the key to RUN. Check that out.

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Here is the beginning half of this thread.

The starter relay contacts may be stuck closed, so as soon as you turn the ignition switch to on/run, the starter operates.

Try swapping the relay with a relay with the same part number to see if that fixes it.


The relay switch is connected directly to the battery (through fuse 6), so if the contacts were stuck closed, the starter would be running all of the time, regardless of key position.

But if you notice, the fuse isn’t designated if it’s always hot, or if it’s hot in run/start.

Ergo, an unknown.


The diagram shows the fuse box bus connected directly to the battery. I’ve checked another power distribution diagram, and fuse 6 does appear to be hot at all times.
Also, from the manual’s description and operation of the starting circuits: “Voltage is applied at all times to the starter relay contacts from IGN A fuse 6…”

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