1997 Chevrolet Lumina car 4 door

Driver’s side strut makes noise, been told by a mechanic it is nothing to worry about just the rubber mount on the strut. Makes noise when accelerating from a dead stop or sometimes turning. It is not a metalic sound. Can i get buy with changing the rubber mount on top of the strut or is it down in the strut itself so the strut needs to be replaced?

The upper strut mount is mounted on top of the strut and goes under the strut sheet metal tower. So to replace it, you have to remove the strut, compress the spring, remove the nut on the threaded rod, and put the new one on. At that point you might as well just put a new one on or better yet, buy the pre-loaded struts with the new mount and spring already assembled. Then of course you want to do both sides and an alignment afterward.

+1 for @Bing. I was also find a new mechanic. A loose/wornout strut could be dangerous.