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1996 windstar power locks

Hi everybody. I have a 96 Windstar. (Pain in the ___), but aren’t all Fords. Anyways, the power locks “cycle”, meaning if you push any of the power lock buttons, it will continually unlock and unlock and unlock, but not lock, until you pull the fuse. I don’t think it is the GEM, because everything else (lights, power windows, delayed interior lights) all work perfectly. Any experts out there. I tried disconnecting the battery, by the way, but no luck. I think there was a TSP out on this, but I can’t acess it.


Don’t you dare blame an entire brand just because you have a bad one.

I didn’t mean to offend anybody. Actually I like this van. Every vehicle has quirks when they get to 138,000 miles.
I just would like an answer

TSB 95-23-5 addresses door locks cycling. 96-23-12 addresses lock cycling with cargo in the rear. I’m reading more now.

Thanks Ken.
Anything you can find out would be a great help.

Here is the TSB…

Article No.



1995-96 WINDSTAR

Constant power door lock cycling, with no one using them, may occur on some vehicles. This may be due to water in the rear door lock switch, or a short-to-ground in the circuit before the lock switch.

Seal leak area, or reroute shorted circuit. Refer to the following Service Procedure for details.


  1. Make sure there is nothing in the rear cargo area depressing the lock switch. While in the rear cargo area, feel the carpeting on the left side under the lock switch for wetness. Inspect the panels for evidence of water entering through a quarter window or the rear hatch area. If any wetness is detected or suspected, proceed to Step 3.

  2. If every door is cycling, unplug the rear door lock switch. If the cycling stops, proceed to Step 3. If the cycling continues:

a. Remove the front floor scuff plate near the driver’s left heel area. Look for wire chafing of the 14A005 harness on the scuff plate (refer to the 1996 Windstar Service Manual, Page 18-01-48). Repair any damage, electrical wrap the repaired wires and reroute them under the scuff plate. If no wiring concern is found in this area, and vehicle has rear climate control, proceed to Step 2b, otherwise proceed to Step 3.

b. Inspect the 14401-14A488 harness for chafing at the auxiliary blower motor stud, located to the rear of the left side B-pillar. If no wiring concerns are found, proceed to Step 3.

  1. Raise the liftgate. At the top left of the body, inspect the rubber grommet to make sure its lip is sealing, not rolled. Next to the grommet, inspect the body flanges for proper sealing bead. There should be no gaps or exposed seams. Use a clear silicone sealing material (D6AZ-19562-AA) to seal both areas. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time before water testing. Remove and inspect the rear door lock switch. Dry the switch with forced air. Replace the switch (F58Z-14028-K) if rust is detected.

Don’t worry about it. Among other things (like a quirky tranny) the '96 Ford Windstar also had a problem with front springs breaking and puncturing the tire.

I think there was a recall but not positive.

Thanks so much Willey. The weather here in NY finally cleared and today I had a chance to take a look at it. It was the rear hatch switch. I unplugged it and now they work fine. Now I just have to see if the switch can be dried out or if I have to take a trip to the junkyard for another one.
Again thanks a million.