1996 Volvo 850 Turbo acts like its in winter driving mode

Car is acting very strange - the previous suggestion was the cat. - then also the injectors.

Upgraded to whites after finding that the stock ones were REALLY bad- cracking and falling apart, just nasty shape.

The car seems to run great 50mph+ the turbo spools quick and with power and the engine runs better than ever HOWEVER starting out is pathetic… it feels like winter driving mode (car is forced to start in 3rd gear to prevent slipping…) but the winter button still functions as normal- when pressed the arrow light comes up in the dash.

It wont kick down at lower speeds- taking off from a stop sign I can floor it and it just gradually accelerates… all the way to 5k it will finally shift up… really seems like its stuck in winter driving mode but not telling me…

What is this!?

- Again, engine seems to run very strong at higher speeds but I have very little power at lower speeds for accelerating.

The “kick down” ability seems to be non existent.

EDIT: PNP Switch? just occurred to me? just seems strange… everything seems to act normal otherwise :confused:

It could be lots of things, all involving the transmission not wanting to engage 1st gear.

As a starting point, just because something lights up when you press a button, doesn’t mean that the button is doing what it’s supposed to do. All that means is that the button is making the light turn on.

I agree with you, the light might not mean anything. However I have been told that the light should blink if the tranny is bad- this was the case with a preivous transmission (this is the 2nd tranny to the car) … the light flashes if there are any tranny codes.

The tranny fluid is clean… a pretty red and not smelling bad.

One friend thinks torque converter, im going to test this on a slight incline and see if the car still pulls forward.

The light should blink if the tranny is bad, but might not.

And assuming the tranny is indeed good, if it’s being told by the winter driving button to operate in winter driving mode, it’s still going to refuse to shift into 1st.

Yeh… really hoping thats all it is… every volvo mechanic ive spoke too doesnt think its anything to do with winter driving mode :confused: Just looking for other possibilities…

my car occasionally slips into winter driving mode. I had it checked out a few months ago at a transmission repair shop and they found nothing wrong. It is again slipping into winter driving and not only is the arrow blinking, but the green light indicating economy driving mode is also blinking. Engine is strong at higher speeds but little power accelerating at start up.