1996 Volvo 850 Engine quits

96 volvo 850 glt wgn,stays in limp mode,is it the tcm,already replaced pnp switch

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How many miles? What transmission, What is the pnp switch and why did you replace it? Is the check engine light on? How long has it been on? Has it always been in limp home mode when the light is on? Or did it happen later? Do you have the stored codes and can you post them? Why are you asking about the TCM (I assume that is the transmission control module)? Fill in a little info and maybe we can help.


96 volvo 850 glt wagon. 96567 miles. Start with flashing up arrow, then shortly engine shuts off. Restart same sequence. Months went by, no issue. 3 weeks ago, up arrow flashing, would not go into drive, Volvo calls limp home mode. I could shift it, start in low,shift up to ‘2nd’ and finally to drive. That was on flats,hills no way. Mechanic felt the pnp,which controls shifts, was bad, replaced it, no change. So now he changing the transmission control module today?

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So the pnp is the Volvo transmission position sensor - I looked it up.

If the mechanic has read the codes stored on the car and determined it is the TCM, that should fix it. If he is guessing, then it likely won’t fix it. In the absence of any other information, that is the best guess I have. If a new TCM doesn’t fix it, your mechanic will recommend a new transmission.

At that point, does it really make sense to spend another $3000 or so on a 22 year old car?