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Volvo 850 transmission false warnings?

I have a '95 850 w/ 116k miles. At about 60k while going down a hill in 3rd gear I got the shift up arrow followed by a “check eng” light. The car then was stuck in first gear and would not shift. After turning the car off and back on again everything worked normally except the shift arrow and check eng lights remained on, but the shift arrow went away after a couple of starts. Volvo said the code on the check eng required a new transmission. I told them it appeared fine to me and I’d pass on the new transmission($6000). All was well for maybe 30k more miles then the same problem appeared upon starting one morning, same lights and stuck in first gear. Again, all was resolved by turning the car off then on. About 2000 miles ago same thing, except the “shift lock button” had to be held down to restart the car. Then today the same thing. This is getting to frequent to ignore, any ideas? Also, in the first year or two we had the car Volvo had a recall to work on the shift lock system and we had the work done by Volvo.