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1996 Toyota Tacoma Cold Weather Strange Noise

At temps below -20 a strange noise seems to be emanating from the dash board behind the steering wheel. If going slow, it sounds like a slight whir/plastic grinding like vrt vrt vrt. If you go faster, it’s as if a belt loses traction and the vrt vrt turns into a high-pitched whirring scream. Bringing the trucks rpm down causes the noise to subside, but it means I have to drive 10 mph some mornings until it warms up. Anyone know what this might be? Thanks!

If it has them it maybe spedo or tac cable

Does it still happen if you turn off your heater fan?

It’s the speedo cable. I’ve never heard of a car with a tach cable. I’ve owned 4 Hondas and they all made that noise in the cold after they passed 100k miles.


If you need to have a tachometer to have a tach cable than I don’t have one. If it is just the speedo cable, have I been hurting it by driving it?