High speed low clicking noise when stopped, in drive, that goes away if I turn on the air with the A/C

I’ve got a 2019 Toyota Tacoma that started making a noise today on my commute. It kind of sounds like if you rolled your r’s or made a machine gun noise with your tongue. It’s a little slower than that, and it’s not regular. It only occurs when I’m stopped in drive (goes away if I shift to neutral, reverse, or park), and goes away if I turn on the air with the a/c. If I turn on the air without the a/c it still makes the noise. The truck is silver.

The advice of this site’s founders would be not to worry if you can’t hear the noise over the radio. Hard to say from your description if the sound is rotational or vibrational. Where does it sound like it’s coming from? Do you only hear it inside the vehicle?

A shot in the dark guess would be a loose heat shield with the first suspect being the exhaust manifold cover. At least that was the first heat shield to loosen in my 08.

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I’d know what the answer was if it was red, but I’ve never worked on a silver one. :wink:

joking aside, have you taken this to the dealer? Your truck should still be under warranty (unless you have driven a ton of miles in the last 2 years- you didn’t say.) But what mdixter says is along the lines of what i was thinking- an exhaust leak at low rpm’s. Your engine should up the rpm’s a smidge when the a/c is on, and just enough to make the noise go away.

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