Avalon: How long to keep it?Howlong to investmore in it?

I have a 2000 Avalon. No major problems so far. 38,000 miles. How long can I expect to keep it? Should I trade it now before it begins giving me trouble?

Avalon is a good Toyota and has a very long design life. In another psot you asked if you should change the timing belt, and the answer is YES.

A 2000 Avalon is probably more reliable than a new Chrysler product, to put things in perspective. IF you have done all the necessary maintenance on this car so far, it is worth keeping and you will come out far ahead financially. You can expect to drive this car for another 10 years if youu want to. A colleague of mine had a Toyota Cressida, the forerunner of the Avalon and drove it 300,000 miles without major mechanical problems.

If you have done little or no maintenance, you might want to sell it.

In any case, if this was my car I would change the coolant if not already doen. I would change the transmission fluid and filter if not already done, and make sure I had a clean air filter.

I’d expect about 250,000 miles with general maintenance from that Avalon.

A car like that will be worthwhile until the interior smells like an old car and the wife gets bored with it. That’s been my experience.