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1996 Suburban keeps stalling

it has 200,000 miles but has been well maintained. It just started stalling when I’m trying to back out of my driveway as soon as I step on the gas. Then in the street when I step on the gas it stalls again. Seems like it’s not gettin fuel but the fuel pump is only a year old. Sometimes the radio cuts in and out. Garage had it for 2 days and couldn’t make it stall. Replaced the battery that checked low and was fine for a week. Now it’s stalling again.

Engine stalling? Radio cuts in and out?

Check the battery cable terminals. Especially the positive battery cable terminal. Remove both cable terminals from the battery. On the positive cable terminal, peel back the red rubber cover that’s supposed protect the connection. If a white powder is found under this cover, replace the positive cable assembly.


In addition, get your charging system checked. Radio cutting out + engine stalling may be bad alternator.