My car keeps stalling out


It’s a '96 Buick Regal w/ ~110k, and automatic. After the engine warms up, when I attempt to slow down for a stop light or to make a 90 degree turn, the enginge stalls out. I lose power steering, and RPMs, the oil and battery lights on the dash turn on, and the radio continues to operate. I then put it in park, restart the engine and can continue on my way. I’ve also noticed less often while driving on a freeway at say 55 to 70 MPH the RPMs will be slightly over 2k, and momentarily flicker down about 500. This causes a lurching that I’ve remedied by stepping on the gas to give it more power. It’s been about two weeks and seems to be getting considerably worse. Any suggestions?


air filter, tune up, pcv valve, o2 plug. but most of all you cat is pulg up.

mopar man


I would start by checking the ground cable from the battery to the engine block. In fact check all the battery cables, remove and clean both ends of each cable. While there are other possibilities including gunk in the gas tank etc. Checking cables is fast and easy. I might add that mopar’s suggestion to make sure all standard maintenance is also a good idea. Often just doing what should have been done anyway will fix many problems and since you need to do it anyway, it cost you nothing and may save you money in the long run.