Subaru Outback Stalling

My Outback has been stalling in the afternoons, 4 times now. Normally it starts back up after shutting down for a minute or two. When I take it to the mechanic, he can’t get a code to come up with what the problem is. The first three times I was down to a quarter tank of gas. Yesterday I was half full. The AC has always been on as I live in Sacramento.

I suspect there may be an electrical problem causing this to happen Claudia. My first guess would be the fuel pump relay but before looking at it have the main power panel under the hood checked out along with the battery lead to it. There may also be ignition and main relays that could be intermittent. Tapping lightly on suspected areas with a screwdriver handle may help flush out the culprit. There are a lot of things that can cause this kind of thing to occur and not set an error code. It is good practice to check for them though. If this happens again try to check things out in the dash like what warning lights are on and if power is getting to other accessories before you turn the ignition key to OFF. The ignition switch is also another possible problem source. This is a pretty frustrating problem. Hang in there, we’ll get your nice Soob going like it should.

I’m two days into the mechanic now and nothing is coming up and not stalling for them. Do you have any advice as how to get on the Radio the with the gurus?

Hi Claudia,
I have a 98 Altima that is doing the same thing and my mechanics can’t figure out what is wrong with it. Will you make sure you post a note if you figure it out? I will do the same.