1996 subaru outbacks

I own two and want to strip one for parts. The one I’m stripping is an auto-2.5liter the one I’m keeping is a manual-2.2 liter. They are different colors and I have limited space. A list of parts to keep would be great-I’m having the guy next door do the work.

A lot of the drive train parts aren’t compatabile. You have a different motors, different transmissions, and different transfer cases. All the cars computer electronic controls are motor specific so you don’t need those. Most of the motor’s wiring harness is motor specific so let those go.

Body parts and glass you can keep. Brake parts you can keep. Radios, dashboards, A/C and heater parts and controls should be OK, although the AC compressor might be different. Radiators, AC condensors, wiring harness for lights, headlights, tailights, grills. Most general body parts are ok.

The different motors might have used differet springs, struts, so not sure if the front and rear suspension parts are compatible.

You’ll have to see if the fuel pumps are the same part number. If they are then most of the fuel system and fuel tank should work.

Power steering pump and steering rack might be compatible, but again different motor and transmission could call for different steering parts.

Although you cars look alike, they are very different. You’ll have a lot of incompatible mechanical and running gear parts.