1996 Range Rover warning lights



Warning lights have come on, and stayed on; we have no owner’s manual, and would like to know what computer diagnostics or analytical system would steer us (so to speak!) in the right direction to fix the problems.

We are in northeast Wyoming, not many mechanics well-versed in foreign-made cars, but Husband and Oldest Son are very handy and could probably fix the Rover if we knew what the issues are.

Thank you!


WHAT warning lights?? The CEL light? oil light? parking brake light, what??

A '96 model means computer diagnostics will be crude at best…Have you noticed any drivability problems? Why would anyone in their right mind live in N.E. Wyoming?


Sorry. I should have been more specific about the lights; I’ll also have Oldest Son or Husband reply with more detail later today. (This is what happens when the least mechanical (Wife) is given a vehicle task to accomplish.)

Lights: service engine, check engine, maybe even the ABS brake light. (Husband can expoundclarify later.)

Thanks for responding.

Who said I’m in my right mind?!? (cue maniacal laughter)


None of this sounds critical, especially in Wyoming…If there is a AutoZone, Checker, Advance auto-parts nearby (ha ha) they MIGHT be able to “read the codes” that are making the lights come on. Usually, these are emissions related stuff. We need to determine if your Rover uses OBD-1 or OBD-2 technology…You should find a SERVICE MANUAL (try e-Bay) for this vehicle because sooner or later you will need it! Finding an Owners Manual will be difficult and EXPENSIVE, but try e-Bay for that too…Rovers work GREAT in Greenwich, Connecticut…but in Gillete, Good Luck…


1996 Range Rover is the P38, unless it was a late Classic sitting in the dealer’s showroom for a year.

Diagnostics are OBD 2. Autozone should be able to check the codes.

Does the truck have a random misfire ?


Thanks, all, for your help and time. I was told this morning I had been asking the wrong question; rather, I asked what Husband asked me to, but that was not exactly what he wanted to know. (What he really wanted to know was what code reader to investigate buying that would work on most, if not all, of our aging vehicles, including the 1996 Rover.) My apologies.

Eldest Son had, at some point before moving to NE WY, used a code reader at Autozone (for free, since he was such a good customer–ha); he said there was a misfire on cylinder 3, coil has been changed.