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1996 Oldsmobile cutles ciera stop running

Need help! I been working on this car for several weeks now. I have change, 1. The starter.2. New Battery, New Plugs, New Crankshaft sensor. I even change the belt tentioner because is was going bad( Broken) Infact I can hear the full pump running. after doing all this the car still not turn on. there is full in the full injector. any suggestion.!!!

The timing belt was broken?

Run compression tests on the cylinders, and see what you have. I’d say you’re done throwing parts at it until you narrow it down more.

The first thing I would do is stop throwing parts at the car and start diagnosing it. You said it was getting fuel to the injectors, but is it getting spark to the plugs? If not, the next thing to do is check the signal coming from the crank sensor (many GM V6 engines have a 3X and a 32X signal from the crank sensor, and both need to be intact for the engine to run well. IIRC, it will run on just the 3X signal). Without that signal, the computer does not know when the spark needs to occur, and will not fire the injectors. If that checks out, check the wiring harness coming from the crank sensor for breaks or other damage. Checking the entire length, from one end to the other, for continuity is the best way to do this. There should be no resistance. If that checks out okay, the next suspect in line is the ignition module. These are a common failure on GMs, so it is a strong suspect. Most auto parts stores can test it for you, and sell you one if it’s bad.