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Won't start

The belt broke and smoked. shut off car, installed new belt and it wouldn’t turn crank. hooked up cables and when i try it volt meter drops with clicking but no cranking. .and the good car lights flicker then the olds clicking slows and stops. what is wrong?

What belt broke? I don’t think a starter is damaged by a breaking belt and it seems current is getting to the starter by the dimming lights. Therefore I suspect the motor is locked up by something. The question becomes; is the motor seized up, or is an accessory driven by the belt locked up?

Take the new belt off and see if the motor turns over when you hit the starter? If yes, the crankshaft is moving so the whole motor isn’t locked up. That means the alternator, AC compressor or a tensioner pulley is locked up. If the starter doesn’t turn the motor put a big wrench on the crankshaft and see if you turn it at all. If it does turn then perhaps the starter is damaged or the battery is weak and needs to be charged up.

If the belt broke because the alternator bearing froze up, then the alternator may not have been charging the battery.



What model of oldsmobile
What engine
Model year
What belt broke?
Timing belt?
Accessory drive belt?
If the timing belt broke, you might be looking at a hefty repair bill.