1996 nissan truck valve adjustment

My engine was making some noises that I determined to be due to the timing chain, This I changed, but I’m still hearing some clatter which I believe to be the valves. This truck has a 4 cyl, 12 valve (4/12) engine. My Haynes manual only describes adjustment for a 4/8 engine.

I have not been able to find a reference for the 12 valve adjustment. Can anyone describe the adjustment sequence for the 4/12 engine?


is it a 12 valve,2.4 liter moter.

Yes, it’s a KA24E 2400cc (2.4L) engine

I have a 95 Nissan pickup with this engine. There is no valve lash adjustment provision.


Hadn’t thought of that, that might explain why I can’t find any info. I should have taken a closer look at things when I had the cover off. I made an assumption that all valves have an adjustment, and replaced the cover when I saw I didn’t have instructions for 12 valves.

I have to hope then that I just have noisy valves or injectors, and not a bad bearing.

Thanks for the input.