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1996 Mighty Max

I think my 1996 mighty max alternator is broken Its hit or miss on the car starting If car does not start then I have to jump it starts fine, but as of late has been harder and harder to start Just makes sound like starter is turning and engine is turning but no start

Hold old is that battery?
If it’s older than 5 years, replace it.
Have someone measure parasitic draw and thoroughly test the starting and charging systems

By the way, why are you so convinced the alternator is the problem?
Is your battery light coming on?

Did not think about battery and most of the other parts on the car have been replaced except the alternator
Then it has been taking longer and longer car to fire up

When it cranks, is it slow and labored, or does it seem to turn as fast as usual?

If it seems to be cranking normally, but the engine isn’t “catching” and starting, it’s probably not the alternator. You could take the car to a retail shop. Many will test the battery and alternator for you for free.

I expect though that this is a spark or fuel problem.

I agree with @GeorgeSanJose. Wnen was the last plug and wire change? A car this old, a fuel filter change could help.

Also, the fuel pressure check ball could be bleeding fuel pressure. One trick to determine that is to turn the key to ignition, where the lights come on the dash, but don’t start it, hold it for a few seconds, turn it off for a few seconds, then start it. If it starts normally, the check ball is leaking.

The check ball is in the fuel pump in the gas tank, so replacing it is the only fix. If the pump is otherwise working fine, I’d just live with it until it breaks.