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My car wont start

my car wont start. when i turn the key the starter wont turn over. ive already tested the starter, battery, and alternator and they all work. wat could it be?

You need a good mechanic. It’s possible that the ignition switch is bad or the wiring to the starter is broken, chewed through by rodents or is disconnected. How did you check the starter, battery and alternator? If you can handle that type of maintenance then troubleshooting ignition wiring should be a snap.

A little more information would be helpful. Does anything electrical work with ignition on, radio dashboard indicator lights etc.? First step is to clean battery and terminal end connections.

How did you test the starter?, the battery?, and the alternator?

When you turn the key, exactly what happens? Do you get any sounds?, some clicking perhaps?

I don’t get how you can tell the starter is OK if is isn’t moving at all when you move the key to kick the starter? How can you test if alternator is putting out a charge without the motor running?

I can understand how you can tell the battery is ok, but how about the positive connection to the motor? and the negative connection to ground? Now do you know they are clean so that the power from the battery is getting to the starter?