1996 Lincoln Mark VIII - Something about 96

lmrc runner actuator valve ,left bank. only 96 will fit 96.

Ok… Did you have a question?

Very rare. Very expensive evidently. Needed for emissions testing? Get a kid to trick the computer into seeing the actuator move or something. The car is old enough that it should be exempt from emissions testing anyway.

At any rate I don’t know anything about this, but just from google.

They’re also listed on ebay motors.

Good luck on finding one and as far as I know the aftermarket does not manufacture them or the runner control. It’s used or nothing.
Yes, the 96 is a year unto itself. No idea why Ford chose to change it for that year only unless the engineers were trying to show they were gainfully employed.

As a 96 Mark owner I’ve gotten a stuck runner code a few times but managed to free it up with some tweaking. About all I can suggest is to check the runner control and associated vacuum lines/wiring on the off chance the valve may be good and it’s a control issue.