Replacements parts for 1996 Lincoln Mark Viii

PLEASE HELP!!! Does anyone know how I could find a CONSOLE/ARM REST LATCH for a 1996 Lincoln Mark Viii? Ford does not have it - car is not made anymore - CAN’T FIND THIS PART ANYWHERE!!! I’ve spent approx. one week looking online, local junk car/salvage yards - no luck. I’ve found a 1998 on a salvage lot - but the console latch is different. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

Well on a car that old and not that many around, you options become limited and you need to improvise or re-engineer the latch with something that will fit. I can’t believe a Ford or other Lincoln product couldn’t be used to replace the entire mechanism.

Otherwise, do a search on nation wide. May not have the console listed as a separate part so maybe search for other Mark interior parts then give them a call if you get a hit. Also check (French Lake Auto Parts) by Minneaoplis. They specialize in older cars and limited model and don’t crush them like everone else.