1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Turn Over But Not Start, Gauges Are Dead

I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 152k miles on it. Recently replaced battery. All of sudden yesterday, engine will turn over and try to run but sputters out and dies after about 30 seconds. Cannot maintain idle on it, and none of the gauges rise when you turn on the ignition, so that you cannot see the RPMs and the gas gauge reads empty even though I filled it up two days ago. Tried to start it today and saw the same problem but with no sputtering, engine dies within seconds now.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Check all of your fuses, including the ones under the hood. Also check the condition of the wiring to the positive battery terminal.

Thanks, I will look into this.

An update and thanks: I followed your suggestion, looking at a couple of select fuses, which were fine, and then checked the positive battery terminal, which was severely corroded. I could not get the connector off of the battery post but loosened and re-tightened the screw. That did the trick.