1996 Honda Accord still flooding

New plugs, wires, coil. Getting fire to plugs hold it to the floor still floods. Fuel pressure ok, timing ok. It sputters once in a while that’s it.

Listen to or feel each of the injectors. Are they all clicking the same? Maybe one is stuck. I had one stick on my 1999 Civic. Gave it a whack with a screwdriver handle and it’s been fine.

Yes I listened to them while it was running clear clicking sounds.

Is timing on spec? Slipped timing belt? Valves adjusted?

Drove it into shop running rough that’s why new plugs and wires. Have misfire codes on all cylinders. It is driving me crazy ( short trip) .

Locate the fuel pressure regulator and remove the vacuum hose.


If gas leaks out of this connection, the diaphragm in the regulator is leaking and requires replacement.


Vacuum hose is dry timing is right it just dumps fuel like its 40 below but sender is reading right . Now what

What sender are you referring too?


Given what you’ve already done, here’s some ideas

  • injectors are being double pulsed for some reason; e.g. the computer thinks the coolant and/or ambient temperature is really cold. o-scope the injector signals, look for double pulsing.

  • injectors are faulty (bench test or replace them)

  • the pulse signals going to the injectors are too long in pulse duration. o’scope probe the injector signals and compare to spec, or to another vehicle with the same engine which doesn’t do this. Could be caused by a faulty mass air flow meter.

  • fuel system is ok, but the spark plugs aren’t firing consistently. crank position sensor, ignition module.

  • other mechanical problems like low compression, clogged exhaust system

Coolant temp senser. GOOD NEWS I found the trouble. OIL IN THE DISTRIBUTOR. screwing up the crank senser

Good goin’ — you’re on the way. Maybe it just needs a good cleanup and drying out and a new o-ring on the shaft. Good luck.

Done tore the dist. Down replaced o ring cleaned it up runs great

Awright! Where you gonna take it for a spin?

To the gas station lol. Customers never bring them with enough fuel. Unless the fuel pump is out. Thanks for your help people.

Only when you need to drop the tank…do they bring it in with a full tank!!!


Yes 90% do that to us don’t they lol