96 Honda Accord will not start - please help


I have a 96 honda accord EX that will not start. I just had a new timing belt installed and the car died on the highway.

I have replaced the following with no results:

~ Rotor

~ Distributor cap

~ Wires

~ Ignition Switch

The starter turns - but it does not try to turn over or anything. It has gas. I changed the oil. I am at a loss. Please help this stumper !!

take it back to the guy who installed the timing belt. I could be installed incorrectly.

I would check the main relay for the fuel injection. It’s mounted above the fusebox under the dash on the drivers side. This is a very common failure on Honda Accords. Another common problem to check is the distributor itself. Quit swapping parts, and get someone to check it out. Parts swapping is an expensive way to try and fix a car.

I had an Accord and the issue I had was oil leakage onto the timing belt. The crankshaft and camshaft seals on these engines wear out very easily and if the guy doing your timing belt did not fix this, you may very well have a broken timing belt(even though it was new, oil leaking onto it will weaken it to the breaking point very quickly!)

The other issue I had was the fuel pump. Check the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay. These are also vulnerable parts on the Accord.

Before changing a part in a system, you should, at least know if that system is working, or not. You’ve changed parts in the spark production system. Why? Is there spark when the engine is cranked (turned over)? Is there fuel into the engine when the engine is cranked?
To determine if a lack of fuel is the cause of the no-start, spray a burst of Starter Fluid (available from auto parts stores) into the black plastic intake tube. If the engine starts and runs a few seconds, this shows that fuel isn’t, otherwise, going into the engine. This ISN’T a fix. It’s a troubleshooting step. You need to know what’s wrong, before you can fix it.