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1996 Honda Accord LX, 2.2.L Non-Vtech

I have a 1996 Honda Accord LX, 2.2L non-Vtech motor, SOHC, while idling, it puffs like either the timing belt is loose / off?, spark plug wires wrong?

IT runs fine at high speeds but it’s an increasing concern because at 40MPH, the car burps or like the transmission is slipping?

It has been doing this since my brother gave it to me at 148k and now currently has 154k.

Please help. I am out of ideas. Can’t figure it out. The spark plugs are brand new, all gaps are correct, the spark plug wires are about the age of the vehicle maybe newer because it doesn’t have the honda badge or something else on it saying it’s OEM as well as I believe the distributor cap.

Is there an orange light Check Engine glaring on the dash?? If so get the codes read off at an autoparts store and post back.

There is no check engine light on currently.

You, partially, answered your own question. Change the spark plugs wires, distributor cap and rotor, air filter, pcv valve, as a start on catching up on “delayed” routine maintenance. Next month, change the various fluids: anti-freeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, upper radiator hose.
The timing belt original, also?!

There a certain models of Honda’s that have know problems with the distributors themselves,and it ends up best replacing the distributor (I am not saying this is your concern)maybe someone more knowledgeable about Honda’s can identify the years affected.