1996 Ford Ranger stalls on warm days

I drive a 96 Ford Ranger. I don’t know how many miles it has on it because the odometer stopped work several years ago. One time, I ran over a metal plate in the road and ended up puncturing the gas tank. I got it repaired but it seems as if they left a gap at the top because when I filled up the tank the next day, gas spilled from underneath. I should have taken it back, but I decided to just never fill up. I get 10 gallons every time the gage gets below a quarter tank.
The truck runs well except on certain days when it is warm, above 80 degrees, the engine stalls when I come to a stop. When I try to stop, the engine often backfires a time or two before starting again.
When I take it to the shop to see what is wrong, they can’t find anything. They even drive it and cannot get it to stall.
As I said this seems to happen on warm days and after I have driven the truck for a while, around a half hour or so.
So what is likely wrong and what do I do about it?

You have a leaky gas tank. Fix that before it burns the truck to the ground. Then see if it still stalls and backfires.

Or donate this 23 year old truck or scrap it. It really isn’t worth the cost to repair it.