Ford Ranger Trouble

Anyone have any suggestions - I have a 1999 Ford Ranger PU, 3.0 L Flex Fuel, 5 spd standard trans with 128,000 miles. Overall a very good truck. I have had 3 occasions in last 24 months where the PU quits running while driving. It acts like it is starving for gas but have ample fuel and new gas. When you ugo to start it back up, it does not fire right away and you have to hold the gas pedal to the floor. Eventually it fires and off you go! This has only happened when the surrounding temp is 80 degrees F and higher and in the summer months. two of the three times this has happended, I was pulling or transporting a load. No one has any idea what it could be. Any suggestions?

Sounds like it could be vapor lock. The fuel in the fuel lines might be getting too hot and it “boils.” You could try shielding the fuel lines wherever they come close to a heat source like the exhaust system.