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1996 Ford F150 - Loose nuts causing leak?

How do I stop the power steering fluid from leaking out of its exit port at the bottom of the fluid chamber? There are two nuts here as a line connects to it. That’s where the leak is occuring.

I think the bottom fitting is the return hose, rather than an exit port. It sees no real pressure and a hose clamp makes the seal. It is to a plastic reservoir tank that may have a crack or the O-ring that seals it to the power steering pump, has a leak. The hose itself may be old and cracked. You may have to remove the pump to inspect the hoses and reservoir housing and O-ring. A seal kit, with way more parts than you are likely to need is about $7 from Rockauto.

Thanks Mustangman, I cleaned everything up before going into actual repair. Now I see that the leak at the upper, plastic reservoir was probably just drips from me refilling it so many times. The real leak is down at the pump. Well, at a cast metal chamber. There is a rather large, round opening which has something going into it and that has tread-like marks going around it. Outside of this treaded thing is a large nut and eventual connection to the rods to that move the wheels. The metal lines and hoses all appear to be in good shape.
Could this be an O-ring leak? And how do I get at it?

The pump has to come out and pulled apart of the bench. Or just buy a rebuilt one. They aren’t very expensive.