Power Steering Pump Failure - Or is it the Steering Rack?



My power steering is starting to fail. I want to fix it myself, I just dont know if the problem lies in my power steering pump, or the steering rack? I don’t see a leak. The fluid is at the full mark. Also I live in boston, this winter on cold days I would start the truck and a very loud noise, a whistle could be heard for a few minutes. Any help


Year? While I find it hard to believe, Ford apparently has a decent poor showing in the PS dept for about the last decade …at least in advanced mileage/years. My daughter’s 93 Tempo had a steering issue that could only be concluded as a loose tie rod or worn rack …a change of the pump cured it. I could not reason it.

Get a magnefine filter and put it in the return line if you replace the pump. Synthetic fluids appear to quiet some down.


2006 ford f-150 fx4 40,000 miles


I’d start with a fluid change. Don’t be surprised of you see some glitter in the fluid. Just unhook (de-clamp) the low pressure line to the reservoir and add fluid while it drains into a pan. It works faster with the engine running. You can have someone turn the wheels lock to lock so that the new fluid hits everything. You can tell the low pressure return line easy enough. I imagine that your reservoir is integrated with the pump. If so, then the one that isn’t SUPER DUTY is the low pressure return. You just use a hose clamp when you put it back on. If you get the Magnefine, you’ll just cut this line anyway.

Walk into NAPA with this part number. They’ll probably have to order it in:

Part Number: 58964
UPC Number: 765809589643
Principal Application: Magnetic In-Line Transmission Filter 5/16" connections
All Applications
Style: In Line Transmission Filter
Service: Transmission
Height: 5.039
Outer Diameter Top: 2.402
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 4.8
Burst Pressure-PSI: 200
Max Flow Rate: 2-3 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 25
Note: Universal In-Line Transmission Filter (Can also be used on Power Steering) Designed for todays Automatic Transmissions 5/16" Connection.

Get a junkyard pump if the fluid exchange doesn’t help.

You may consider using Auto-Rx for this at some point. It will assure that any junk is removed (www.auto-rx.com).


Do NOT install this filter. The PS system has way to high a flow rate for this inline filter to accommodate.

Drain your fluid reservoir. Remove the reservoir and CLEAN the existing filter screen you will find inside the tank. When this filter becomes clogged, it restricts the fluid flow and starves the pump, causing the problems you are having…