1996 dodge neon

My 1996 Dodge Neon started staaling when driving and now will not start. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Could it be the fuel filter? Fuel injectors?

Does the engine crank normally?If not look at charging and starting systems. If it cranks fine, spray some starting fluid (ether) into the air intake and try starting. If it fires up and stalls as soon as the fluid runs out, you have an ignition problem. If not, a fuel system problem. Post back after you have tried.
If it cranks very fast, and sound different than it used to, you could have a broken timing belt.

How about some more details. When you say stalling when driving, do you mean you would be driving along …at any speed…and the engine would cut out???..or do you mean when you came to a stop it would stall instead of idling? No Check Engine light (CEL), correct??