1996 Dodge Dakota Electrical Problem

I replaced the blower motor and it worked for about a month with no problems. All of a sudden it stopped working along with the cigarette lighter and blinkers.

They are on different fuse circuits so it looks like you will have to trace them down individually.

Thanks. I will check them out. Thanks again for the fast response. Do you know a good web site to find a diagram of the fuse panel. Thanks again

Are these 3 items the only things not working?
Does the truck have power windows and if so do they work?
Automatic or manual?
Any warning lights on the dash?

Try here for some of the wiring schematics for your truck:


I suggest you invest in a service manual if you like to work on things like this yourself. It will save you time and money. This repair alone will pay make it pay for itself.

It is a 1996 Dodge Dakota 4X4 Automatic 8 cyl 195000 miles. Manual windows. No warning lights. I had a radiator leak AFTER the blower wasn’t working. The radiator was replaced at the same time the blower was done. I thought that maybe spray from the radiator caused it to short out, but everything was working fine before that. I did replace a fuse and got the cig lighter working. Thanks for the help.

Thanks. It was a very helpful sight.