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1998 Buick Century - fried something

I was having a problem with my blower motor but that part is now fixed. Before I fixed the problem though I checked the fuses. After pulling out one of the two fuses for the blower and checking it I inserted it and when I pressed it back in the fuse panel sparked and several fuses lit up and a couple burned out (interior lights and cigar lighter/data link which had a 30 amp fuse instead of 20 like it should). Anyway I replaced these fuses but interior lights, airflow adjuster for windshield/Mid/Floor and the radio no longer work. The radio still ejects but will not play music. What did I break? Fusible link? Fuse panel itself?

A cable was unplugged near my blower motor. Now that that is plugged in the fuse panel doesn’t seem to short anymore but this new lack of power issue persists. I have checked every dash fuse and the large 60amp one under the hood. All look good.

I am thinking this has got to be the fuse panel itself. I noticed last night that the power windows no longer work either. Not being a mechanic I can think of only two places where all these systems come together and that is the fuse boxes. Has anyone replaced an interior fuse box on a century before?