1996 Dodge Caravan 3.3Liter no spark



The van stopped and wouldn’t restart. Fuel and fuel pressure are good but there’s no spark. Replaced the crank shaft sensor and the cam shaft sensor, still no spark. What next?


Does it have a distributor cap and rotor, or does it have a coil pack that sends the spark through the wires. Im not too familiar with this aspect of the Caravans.


It has a coil pack.


Is the check engine light on? If so get the codes read.


well since it has a coil pack, it is probably faulty. Have you checked every single spark plug wire to see if it is getting spark? If not, then do so. If there is no spark at any of the wires then the coil pack probably needs to be tested. You can do this by unplugging the connector that plugs into it and see if there is power going to it with a test light. If there is power, replace the coil pack. If there is no power, then there is something else that needs to be checked out. Also, have you checked all of the fuses to check for power there? May be another thing you can do.


The check engine light does not come on and there are no codes stored.


The ignition coil pack and the fuel injectors share the same 12 volt power. It’s on dark green/orange wires for all. The 12 volt power comes from the Low Pressure Shutdown Relay in the Power Distribution Center. If the coil pack doesn’t have 12 volts on the dark green/orange wire, then, the fuel injectors don’t have 12 volt power, either (unless the wire is broken). Thus, no coil action, and no fuel injector action.


A test light shows I have voltage at the “B+” terminal at the coil connector. The test light stays on while cranking the engine.
I have also “measured” the primary resistance of each coil in the pack. Each reads the same very low resistance. The secondary resistance of each coil reads the same at about 15,000 ohms. I am hesitant to try a different coil pack because even a used one costs $50.


The minivan forum at allpar.com is a great place to post your question, if you still need some more hints.