1996 Civic HX Manual Trans. - Exhaust question

Recently some material (like burlap or webbing) was hanging out of the exhaust so I stared pulling it out and pulling some more and more … anyway I seem to have pulled it all out and seem to remember a show listener having the same problem and seem to remember this was material that was in the exhaust baffles to dampen the noise? No ill effects to exhast noise or car drivability that I have noticed so am I right in thinking this is a non-issue? Thanks …

Hi - this popped up in a couple of newspaper columns:



I have observed the same thing Tom and Ray have in that many Hondas eventually start spitting out this “muffler hair”. You can keep giving your tailpipe haircuts as needed until your car gets loud enough to need a new muffler (and possibly some pipes as well). By the way, if this Civic still has the original muffler, congratulations. Around here, an older Civic like this should probably be on its third or fourth exhaust system.

Hi Mark, no this Honda is on its 3rd muffler at least but the rest of the exhaust is original which I’m guessing is part of the hair problem!!! Thanks for the input.