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2008 Honda Civic muffler

Hey guys hows it going? I bought a brand new 08 Civic EX a couple of months ago. When I was looking at the back of the vehicle I noticed the muffler/exhaust was making a “putting” noise. Wasnt sure if it was the actual exhaust rattling or its the air coming out of the exhaust making popping noises (chamber muffler?). I’m pretty sure it’s the air coming out making the noise sounds like a “putputputputputput” really fast. Do all of the new civics make noise or is the exhaust supposed to be silent?


P.S. Only noticable when Idling

No exhaust is silent. Economy cars commonly sound like yours. It’s normal. If you’d like to, stop by the dealer and test drive another one. Once it’s warmed up. compare the sound.

Remember that the exhaust is comprised of pulses of air created by explosions in the cylinders and being pushed by the pistons out the tailpipe. Pulses of air are noise. How much it makes and how well it’s muffled depends on the vehicle.

You should of bought a Mustang GT. They don’t “putt”. Seriously, you have the answer already. Go to a dealer or find a cooperative Civic owner in a parking lot and listen to their cars’ exhaust.

I had a similar concern with my 1998 Accord soon after I bought it (new, in Aug 1998). The sound could be heard on the driver’s side, in front of the rear wheel.

I took it to the dealer and complained. They checked it out and told me it’s the normal sound of emission control equipment.

I still hear the sound, but, at 203,000 miles, don’t worry about it anymore.

I have had the same problem so that I went two different service centres. it sounds like abnormal to me when I compare with the other cars. But When I compare with Civics, every civic has that kind of noise. a important thing is how loud it is. Mine is quite borderable when I seat in the car, especially, in a quite area. All the time, the service center said no problem can be founded.