97 Honda Civic Transmission & Exhaust, could the problem be related?



Of course I just finished paying off my car and recently ran into some new noises. I drive a 1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe with 105k on it and I recently got a report from my oil changing place that my oil was low when they replaced it. They said I might have an oil leak or something wrong with my transmission. Shortly after that, my car started sounding really noisy on the road, my guess is it is a bad muffler or something. Are these two related or are they separate issues? Would it be worth repairing or should I just get rid of it?


10 years and 105K miles later…

The muffler probably has a hole in it. Exhaust gasses contain slightly acidic water that will eat the pipes and muffler from the inside out. This is common, and keeps muffler shops in business. A repair is relatively inexpensive, maybe as much a $250 if the pipes are shot with the muffler.

What type of oil is leaking? Oil leaks with this age of car is common. The engine has oil, as well as the transmission. And they use different types. Is this the first time you’ve known it to be low in 10 years? Then you’ve lived a charmed life. I check and top off all the fluids at every oil change.


You may as well get rid of it. besides exhaust repair, it’s time to replace the timing belt…that’s $400 to $700, and the exhaust is about $200. You want to, sometimes, check the engine oil level, the transmission fluid level, and the other routine maintenance which have been, ah, delayed. You’ve been forewarned.


Thanks for your advice. I already had the timing belt/water pump taken care of a few months ago, along with some other belts that looked a little rickety. Some type of oil just recently started leaking and I stay on top of my routine maintenance. When the person told me about the leak, it was raining and couldn’t decipher where exactly it was coming from. I have kept an eye on it and confirmed that it slowly was going down. I think I can fork over the $200 for at least a new muffler, and we shall see what the other fun problem costs. Thanks again!


Thanks for your reply. Your answer helps alleviate some of the bad thoughts that I have been dealing with (I would rather not start making car payments). I should find out more tomorrow after I take it to my mechanic. I ask them to top off fluids at every oil change as well. This is in fact the first time I have known it to be low for the first time in 5 years (since I have had the car). From your advice it sounds like it would behoove me to just get it fix rather than kick it to the curb. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!