Honda Civic exhaust systems

I’ve replaced the exhaust system on my '96 Civic three times, and the exhaust pipe rusted through and broke yet again last week. It seems to break at different points of the piping each time. I don’t know whether the replacement parts that were installed were Honda parts - the repairs were done at a local muffler place and twice at a CarX. Is there a reason I keep having to repair this, or am I just unlucky? Also, is there a difference between factory Honda parts and off-brand parts, at least so far as exhaust systems go?

Replaced three times? Over what time period?


You must live in a place where they use a lot of salt on the roads in the winter.

If you went to a muffler shop, they probably didn’t use a Honda OEM exhaust system. Yes, there is a difference.

If I was in your position, I would have looked for an exhaust system with a lifetime guarantee the first time I replaced it.

I did the same thing for years with our '95 Civic . . . then two years ago I got a Pacesetter performance exhaust for it. The thickness of the metal for the Pacesetter vs. the OEM is no comparison . . . two or three times thicker. And it comes in one piece, CAT back to chrome tip. Sounds only a bit louder than stock. I did it because my wife drives the Civic only 5 miles one way to work . . . never seems to warm the exhaust enough to dry it out after start-up. The price was OK also . . as I recall only about $200, clamps and hangers included. Rocketman

Make sure you are getting stainless parts. Steel ones can’t take it. If you can stick a magnet to it, reject it.

Thanks for the suggestions - very helpful. I commute a pretty short distance, so the recurring nature of the problem could be due to what rocketman mentioned.

Car was bought in 96. First replacement was in 2000; second in 2001; third in 2003. It was ready to rust through again about two years ago but a mechanic did some sort of repair (sorry, I forget the details) that managed to put off the inevitable. In retrospect, this probably was not worth it.

I live in Chicago, so yes there is a lot of salt around here. Could be a contributing factor (salt eating from outside, built-up moisture working from the inside).

Sounds about right for salty roads and short trips. My 99 has been through a few mufflers because of this(I live in Ohio), last time being 3 or 4 years ago IIRC. Best thing to do is to take it on a trip outta town(good 20 miles/half hour) and let it burn off some of that moisture.