1996 Buick Roadmaster - How do I drain it?

Where is the drain line for 1996Buick Roadmaster Collector Edition?

What drain line are you wanting - radiator - sun roof - air conditioner - fuel tank ?


On the bottom.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I presume you want to drain the cooling system. I don’t see any specific cooling system drain and fill procedures for that car, so I presume it is standard fare. Most radiators have a drain valve you just turn to open, at the bottom. So look there first. You may need a mirror to see it, especially if the car is sitting normally in the driveway rather than on a lift. The one on my Corolla is hard to see, but it is there if I look long enough. If there’s no drain valve at the bottom of the radiator then you’ll have to carefully remove the lower radiator hose. Take care to prevent pets/creatures from getting access to the drained coolant, as drinking it can kill them.

Remove the bottom radiator hose at the radiator