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1999 jeep cherokee

have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4 liter inline 6 cyl can not find the pitcock valve on the radiator can some one sent me a picture.

Many radiators no longer have drains, you just remove the bottom hose and drain it that way.

This is what it looks like on the replacement radiator on my Corolla. Where it is and what it looks like varies from radiator to radiator. As mentioned above, some radiators don’t have one. But if you do have one, you should be able to see it if you crawl under the car with a good flashlight. May have to remove some under engine shielding first.

I’ve found it much easier to just disconnect on end of the lower hose even on radiators that do have a petcock.

Great info here. Just be very careful about removing that lower radiator hose. Those radiators have plastic upper and lower assemblies and can break very easily. I’m speaking from experience here. If you did find the petcock…it would probably shatter when opening or closing.

I’ll go against the grain here . . .

I’ve had better luck opening petcocks versus removing the lower hose

I will qualify that statement . . . I always spray some wd40 onto the thing before I attempt to loosen it. And I always spray some more on it, before I retighten it

I recently replaced a leaking radiator on a GMC Jimmy. The old one had a petcock, whereas the new factory radiator did not. Talk about moving in the wrong direction

On any car where I can’t even find the petcock - if it actually has one, I’ve never found it worth the trouble to try to deal with it. I do prefer the petcock because I hate the gusher that comes with pulling the lower hose. But I am more prone to take the gusher over the hassle of trying to actuate a petcock buried under so much crap that you can’t get to it.