Where to put the drain container?

My neighbor has a 2003 Acura TL 3.2 VTEC. He needs to replace the radiator fluid. He is not sure where to place the container when replacing the fluid after loosening the drain plug? He has no owner’s manual or diagram to show him? Can anyone help out, please. Thanks for the prompt attention. from Bambino in SFC, CA

Your post is a little unclear. You mean he’s going to drain the radiator? Or is he draining the coolant from the engine itself?

When I change my coolant, I don’t remove the engine drain plug. I just drain the radiator. Doing this a couple of times and running the engine in-between gets most of the old coolant out.

Where to put the container to catch the draining fluid? Couldn’t you pretty much guess where it should go once you find the drain plug? After all, water flows downhill. Make a guestimate, put the container there, and adjust as necessary once the fluid starts to drain.

He should place it in the hands of someone who doesn’t need to ask this question.

The radiator should have a drain on the bottom of it or you have to remove the bottom radiator hose and drain it that way. As stated by others place the catch pan underneath the drain cock or underneath the radiator hose/opening on the radiator. This is common sense, the coolant is going to run out wherever the opening is.

I remove the bottom radiator hose. It’s much easier and more complete.

But the question sounds like he may not know where to refill the fluid. No disrespect to your friend, but if that’s true he’d probably be better off letting his favorite shop do the work. As simple and basic as this process is to those who know their way around an engine, it is possible to mess it up, and it’d be a shame to see a radiator inlet crushed, a clamp improperly reinstalled, an improperly mixed coolant, or a cooling system left half full of air, all of which could end up in a damaged engine.