1998 Regal AC Problem

This AC system has been running intermittently. I finally had it professionally diagnosed and the verdict was a faulty signal from the PCM to the compressor. This will probably be the last summer for this car so I thought I would hot wire it with a toggle switch. If I do so, is it possible for the compressor to freeze up if it gets low on freon and fry the belt?

A real simple possibility and sometimes all that is bad is the low pressure cycling switch. You can replace it without losing your charge and it screws into the accumulator (that big alluminum can looking thing with the biggest AC line going to it)

You can severly damage the compressor by operating it when a condition exist that should prohibit its operation. Hot wire the compressor only as a test measure,for very short periods of time.

I remember you responded to my post a few weeks ago, and I thank you. You sent me a link. The technician told me there was no low pressure cycling switch on this vehicle, just high pressure. I guess since I was unable to locate it, I believed him. I actually replaced the accumulator myself when I replaced the compressor. I would love to use your option first, even if it doesn’t resolve the issue. I will look again. I appreciate it! … Mark

That switch you screwed into the accumulator (that went on a schrader valve type port) that was the low pressure cycling switch. How does this tech. think the system keeps from freezing if there is no low pressure cycling switch?

I wish the car was in my driveway so I could have a look. Unfortunately, it will be Sunday before my son has it back. I have a 97 Park Avenue in the garage, I’ll go look at that and see if I can identify the switch.